Myanmar Lethwei competition Rules and regulations of Challenge (KO rules) fights

Myanmar Lethwei competition
Rules and regulations of Challenge (KO rules) fights

Section (1)
Type of competition

Challenge fight

Section (2)
Weight categories (males/females)

Weight categories of Lethwei competition (challenge fight) (male/female)
(a) Fly 51 kg
(b) Bantam 54 kg
(c) Feather 57 kg
(d) Light 60 kg
(e) Light welter 63.5 kg
(f) Welter 67 kg
(g) Light middle 71 kg
(h) Middle 75 kg
(i) Heavy 81+ kg

Section (3)

Qualification system

Only fighters qualified for professional levels are allowed to take part

Section (4)

Rounds and Fighting Time

3 minutes fight x 5 rounds with 2 minutes intervals

Section (5)


1. Fighters shall wear the color of the shorts (red or blue) respective to the color of corner
2. Fighters shall bring one red and blue shorts
3. Finger and toe nails shall be neatly cut
4. Amulets may be neatly tied
5. Amulets shall not be fallen off several times and are not allowed to use for hampering the performance of opposition. Amulets can be tied neatly on the wrist or arm
6. May put on anklet and knee cap. But, harmful materials are not allowed to put in.
7. Fighters not following the rules are not allowed to take part
8. Fighters are not allowed to put on logos and names rather than the logos and names of their gym/team, sponsors on their shorts
9. Fighters are not allowed to wear watches, belts, hand-chain, necklace, ring, ear-ring. Shall order to take off if they put on
10. All fighters must wear groin protector
11. Fighters shall trim their mustache and beard neatly when they are to fight
12. Fighters shall put on mouth guard

Section (6)
Medical check-up and weigh-in

1. The fighters shall undergo the medical check-up with the doctor assigned by the Competition Committee, MLF and weigh-in
2. Fighters who haven’t been medical check-in and not recommended medically are not allowed to take part. Shall not have contagious /B/C virus
3. All fighters are to weigh-in and medical check-up one day before the competition between 8 to 10 a.m.
4. Fighters shall weigh-in only with under-wear

Section (7)

1. Only surgeon bandage which is not too thick or too rough are allowed to wrap
2. Bandage must be maximum 2 inches in width and 20 feet in length
3. Shall wrap the bandage firmly and can use tape to tie on the bandage
4. Shall not put in or apply any hard or harmful things on the bandage
5. In professional fights, the competition committee shall provide bandages to the fighters as necessary

Section (8)
Duties of the coach and seconds

1. 3 seconds (2 in the ring and 1 outside the ring) are allowed to assist the fighter. The name of the seconds shall be given in advance.
2. Only at the official intervals the seconds are allowed to enter the ring and they must sit at the corner outside the ring during the fight. Second shall wear long trousers and use towels to assist the fighter
3. Shall clear the ring (bucket, water bottle, stool etc.) when ordered by the referee
4. Seconds may throw the sponge or towel into the ring to indicate the retirement if the situation is outclassed. But, shall not retire only when the referee is counting
5. Coach and seconds can clarify things when they are invited to the meetings. Only those who are well-versed in the rules shall be allowed as seconds
6. During the fighting seconds shall not touch the fighter, splash the water and tap the floor of the ring
7. Coach and seconds shall follow the rules and regulations. Shall have the competency to manage the fighters. Shall follow the order of the referee. If not they can be order to leave the arena. And it will affect the result of their fighter.
8. Coach and seconds shall not take betel salad, shall not smoke, drink alcohol, got drunk, narcotic drugs TOTALLY
9. Seconds shall not make objection to the referee verbally or in gesture
10. Seconds shall not put on foot wears in the ring
11. The 3 seconds shall put on waist coasts

Section (9)

1. Biting, gouging eye, spitting, continuation of attacking the opponent after falling down to the floor, pulling hair, slapping and strangling the throats
2. Intentional attack to groin
3. Continuation of fighting after the “stop” order from the referee
4. Continuation of fighting after the “break and step back” order from the referee
5. Being disrespectful to the referee, jury and the audience
6. Taking alcohol and narcotic drug
7. Turning back at the rope, attacking while clinging the rope, asking to stop the opponent while the fighter is on the rope. If the fighter does those things and KO by the opponent due to those deeds, the KO is official result
8. Cursing or using abusive words to the opponent
9. Shying away and intentional fall to shy away. If it is warned 3 times, the referee can disqualify the fighter

Section (10)

1. No PED is allowed to use
2. If it is test, even after the competition, there will be further action
3. Only the test result of the medical expert team is official
4. Action shall be taken for fraudulent reporting
5. MLF can issue directives as necessary

Section (11)

The result

1. KO system will be applied
2. Under the supervision of the juries, referee, timer, announcers shall be assigned
3. KO (Winning by knockout)
4. RSC (Referee Stop Contest)
A) RSC (outclass)
B) RSC (injury)
C) RSC (count limit)
5. Disq (Disqualification)
6. Retirement
7. WO (Walkover)
8. If any fighter is injured severely the referee shall stop the fight and ask for the medical examination by the ring doctor. If the ring doctor does not allow to continue the fight the injured fighter shall be regard as the loser.
9. During the span of bout a fighter can take 2 minutes special time out (from round 1 to round 4) except in the round 5
10. The special time out shall be taken as 1 count
11. If a fighter is counted 4 times during the whole span bout, it shall be decided as “lose” (RSC Count Limit)
12. If a fighter is counted 3 times during one round, it shall be decided as “lose”
13. If there is no “win” or “lose” until the end of round 5, it shall be decided as “draw”
14. Competitions shall be organized in line with the rules and regulations drawn by MLF
15. In all competitions, the decision of the juries is “final”

Section (12)

Compliance after KO

A fighter is not allowed to fight within 3 months after losing by second KO (if he/she has taken Special Time Out due to initial KO and return to the bout, continue fighting and second KO happens).